2011 Finalists

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LES Foundation Graduate Student Business Plan Competition

2011 Finalists

Seventy-eight teams of entrepreneurially-minded graduate students from around the globe entered this year's LES Foundation Graduate Student Business Plan Competition with submissions featuring ground-breaking technologies and services.  This year's finalist teams are:

Lund University, Sweden

ShieldHeart offers a functioning organ protection device platform to protect vital organs from potential complications that have been associated with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy systems, such as rupture and bleeding.


Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

Computer Vision Tech offers a computer application to be integrated with existing hosted video surveillance solutions. It provides real-time intelligent video analysis, notifications/alarms set up and quick search through identified events.

Computer Vision Tech

University of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia is web-based software for Tourist Accommodation and other uses which enables hotel guests to leap past the check-in desk and go straight from the web to their room.


University of Arkansas, USA

cycleWood Solutions, LLC offers the XyloBag, a patent protected lignin-based biodegradable single-use shopping bag, which will reduce landfill waste and the negative environmental impact of conventional single-use plastic shopping bags.

cycleWood Solutions

University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Imbed Biosciences develops nanotechnology-based advanced functional materials which enable fabrication of multifunctional wound dressings that are 'easy on skin and hard on bacteria.'

Imbed Biosciences

Washington University-St. Louis, USA

NanoMed, LLC offers a nanotechnological platform for fabricating advanced biomaterials and synthetic surgical meshes such as the DuraStar™ Dural Substitute, a novel nanofiber mesh utilized to repair the protective membrane surrounding the brain/spinal cord during neurosurgical procedures.


These teams will receive all-expenses paid trips to attend the LES International Annual Conference in London, England June 5-8, 2011 ( where they will present their plans to a world-class panel of judges in hopes of taking home:

The Competition Finals will take place on Saturday, June 4th. Watch for updates about our winners!

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