2015 Graduate Student Business Plan Competition

IP ToolBox

Note to Competitors! These limited samples are offered on a first come, first served basis. We strongly encourage you to choose an LES Business Plan Mentor to advise you with your findings. These services may contact you for feedback near the end of your trial period. 

Article One           Relecure       Traklight      Wisdomain

Article One Partners

Article One Partners offers Intellectual Property Business Intelligence crowd-sourcing solutions by leveraging 36,000+ researchers across 171 countries to assist organizations in defending, monetizing and developing their intellectual property portfolio. Article One Partners offers an AlphaSearche to up to six teams.


Relecura is a Patent and Portfolio Analysis Platform that simplifies and streamlines tasks related to the creation, analysis, and commercialization of Intellectual Property.

Relecura will provide up to ten hours of analysis to vet a business idea from an IP perspective using Relecura and a login for the team for the duration of the competition on Relecura. A portion of the 10 hours' time can be devoted to training the team on Relecura and IP analysis.


Traklight's  ID your IP® software platform helps you identify and manage your potential intellectual property. Once your team completes the ID your IP questionnaire, the responses will be used to create five custom IP reports:

  • IP Strategy report
  • IP Inventory report
  • IP Snapshot report
  •  IP Diagnostic
  •  Risk Chart



ActionablePatents boasts an intuitive user interface that enables users to seamlessly navigate patent data quickly and easily with access to powerful analytics tools to help improve workflow and increase productivity. Wisdomain offers up to 2 months of worldwide patent search and analysis services using Wisdomain's and working with the team’s business idea.