Get Involved by Volunteering!

Call for Volunteers

The Licensing Executives Society (LES) Foundation is seeking LES member volunteers who are specifically qualified to help in the following areas:

If you are interested in  one of these roles, please contact Annemarie Meike ( or Gary Fedorochko ( Thank you very much.

How Can I Get Involved?

Sector Mentor

IP Mentoring Support Project: Offer to mentor/coach/support a team that has asked for guidance on IP topics in your industry sector during their preparation for the LES Foundation’s Competition. Coaching is delivered via conference call.

University Liaison

Industry Sector Judges

Review a handful of student business plans in your field of expertise and offer technical/feasibility feedback to the student teams prior to the Finals.

Make a Contribution

Too busy to volunteer?  You can help by making a donation to support the Competition at

Visit this website often to learn more about the Business Plan Competition, view videos and pictures of past competitions and find out where past participant are today. To volunteer, contact Competition Chair, Annemarie Meike at .

Have Time for a Quick Conference Call?

Volunteer to Offer Student Teams Valuable Industry-Specific Guidance by PHONE through the New ‘IP Mentoring Support Project’

In just a few short years, the LES Foundation’s Graduate Student Business Plan Competition has become a signature event for the Foundation and its supporters LES (USA & Canada), Inc., and LES International. It’s also become a favorite among student participants who are drawn to its unique combination of intellectual property (IP) education and industry exposure.

Valuable connections between LES members and student participants are the centerpiece of the Competition. Student participants learn about the world of IP licensing, often for the first time, from members who share their expertise by volunteering to provide feedback on their plans, judging the final round, teaching an IP basics workshop like PDS 100 or simply chatting with them during an LES event.

In an effort to enhance opportunities for such interactions, the Foundation is introducing the IP Mentoring Support Project. 

“The goal of the IP Mentoring Support Project is to provide a new way for members to get involved at a very manageable and enjoyable level, while also providing valuable resources to students to help them improve their business plans,” said Foundation Board member Phil Barnett, Managing Director of Phil Barnett LLC, who is spearheading the  initiative.“Through this program we can provide students with basic answers and critical knowledge in the areas of IP, business, and technology. We are looking for volunteers from each sector, who would be willing to volunteer some time to mentor/coach/support a team via conference call.”

Here’s how the IP Mentoring Support Project will work:

  1. Teams will request mentor support at
  2. Phil Barnett will gather the pertinent information, determine which sector is best suited for the job and contacts the sector chair(s)
  3. A  conference call will be scheduled and executed between the teams and sector mentor
  4. Phil Barnett will follow up to assure the team’s needs are met

“This process will provide much needed support for the teams during their preparation for the Competition,” said Barnett. “It will also introduce us to many new young prospective members for LES, while involving some of our best knowledge and talent in LES today.”

Barnett plans to contact the sector chairs and some of the LES membership for assistance with the IP Mentorship Support Project in the coming weeks. If you would like to participate please contact Phil Barnett at